Find relief and relaxation with a prenatal massage. Pregnancy can be full of aches and pains as your body is changing to accommodate the new precious life you are growing. I've been there myself and understand the challenges as well as the joys of pregnancy. It can be a miraculous thing being pregnant, but it can also be exhausting as your joints ache, and muscles fatigue… You body is changing drastically in a short amount of time and that can be stressful on the body and mind. Stress and anxiety can be all over the place during this important time and having something that will relieve that stress and anxiety and focus on YOU will do wonders. We can improve on the ever important sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, improve circulation, and decrease aches and pains, improving overall body function.


Massage has amazing effects on the body ranging from relieving stress on weight-bearing joints to help stabilize hormone levels and relieve depression or anxiety, relax the nervous system and improve circulation. Just relaxing the nervous system has amazing effects on the body, improving digestion and improving body function.


On the other side of things, massage can be an incredible time to connect with baby. It is a moment to slow down and restore your body, feel baby move and strengthen the connection between you and baby. I want to be apart of that, i want to help facilitate total relaxation and restoration of your new body and self during pregnancy. I have a passion for prenatal massage and want to share all that and more with you and your baby!

If you are on the other side, and have a new baby you may be left with this new body once again, full of new aches and pains, your life is filled with new stress and joys… It is the perfect time for a massage. A postpartum massage can be a great time to check in with yourself and give yourself a break from the new life you now have, whether we plan a session with baby or alone we will let all the tension go and have a moment to revitalize your whole self.