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Body of Life Massage strives to be a vital part in your overall well being by tailoring a massage session to best fit your needs and wants, to create a massage that aids in healing and recovering, whether from accident/injury or stress. I believe in working as a team to find the right treatment to best help each client. I want to improve range of motion, reduce pain and muscle tension. 

I focus on an individualized session for each client to address their wants and needs. I utilize multiple techniques from Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage, cupping, hot stones to PNF stretching. I will provide a thorough intake/assessment to identify muscle and posture imbalances and find the best solution to whatever may be going on. I will restore postural imbalances and improve overall body functioning with improved sleep, increased circulation and reduce hypertonicity in muscles. 

I love working on clients who are recovering from an accident or injury, to be a part of the journey to recovery. To see tangible proof of imporovment with range of motion and decrease in pain. When a client comes in and says they were able walk without low back pain for the day, or look over their shoulder without moving their whole body, I feel motivated to continue and improve my work. 


Jessica Fisher

Jessica Fisher LMT #22736, graduate of Oregon School of Massage, a mother, wife, and nurturer at heart. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, originally planning to heal the mind and found that healing the body was my calling. After starting our beautiful family, I found massage and knew it was the right path. I would be able to heal the body and mind and be a part of people's lives in such a profound way through touch. I knew I had found my perfect fit, the thing I was meant to do. When I am not working, you will find me busy with my 8 year old son Caleb and 5 year old daughter Alex and husband Tony, along with my fur babies Taylor and Lexi.




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Motor vehicle accident

Have you been in a car accident? In Oregon, massage is covered for up to a year with no out of pocket cost to you through your Personal Injury Protection, PIP. I will bill your auto insurance company directly, allowing you to focus on yourself and allow massage to aid in a quicker recovery.





$40...30 minutes

$75...60 minutes

$110...90 minutes

$145...120 minutes


Medical massage...$35/unit






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Read what people have to say about Body of Life Massage...

Irene- "I'm feeling great after my massage by Jessica! Usually after a massage I leave feeling beaten up and I'm sore for a couple days before I start to feel the benefits. You used the perfect amount of pressure, and I wasn't sore at all! It was the first time in weeks that I woke up without my neck being out. This is morning 3, and it's still feeling good! My whole body just feels relaxed and a lot happier! This might sound weird, but I really appreciated you talking with me the whole time lol because I actually relax better when I'm talking to someone, and not everyone likes to talk that much 😁  I think you're great, and you really addressed all my needs!"


Lisa -  "I feel amazing! My shoulders fell looser and I'm happy as a clam. I was thinking that's something I need to start up on a regular basis. Thanks Jessica!"


Shasta - "Thank you for the massage on Saturday! I was in so much pain, my jaw had been killing me for days...I felt and still feel better than I have in a while. You are so good at what you do. The pressure was perfect and you're so knowledgeable too. Thanks!"




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